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A European strategy for gender equality. Commission aims for ‘a gender-equal Europe’

In the EU, one woman in three has experienced sexual or physical violence, nine CEO of large companies in ten are men, on average women earn 16% less than men… For these and many other reasons, the Commission presented yesterday its strategy for gender equality in Europe.
The Commission should reach 50/50 gender balance at all levels of its management by the end of 2024. We can only reach our full potential if we use all of our talents and diversity. Using only half of the people, half of the ideas or half of the energy is not good enough.
The key objectives of the strategy are addressing gender-based violence, challenging gender stereotypes, closing gender gaps in the labour market, achieving equal participation across different sectors of the economy, reducing the gender pay and pension gaps, closing the gender care gap and achieving gender balance in decision-making and in politics.
Equality is an infinite resource, and there is enough of it for everyone